SAP PI/PO monitoring
never easier

Amphi is an application that allows users to be always up to date with SAP PI/PO system.  

Become Amphi user and get constant monitoring, pretty visualisation and well-structured reports of your SAP PI/PO system.  See how message counters, processing time and other message traits behave in real time or what was happening with them in the past. 

Choose the way you visualise your data - line charts, bubble charts, pie charts. Group interfaces to analyse them and discover correlations using any of the available metrics. Detect anomalies and stay up to date with global system statistics presented in Amphi’s user- friendly dashboard.

Have constant insight on what’s happening on your SAP PI/PO system every time you need.  

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AMPHI charts
Why Amphi?
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Regular updates
  • Intuitive interface
  • Access to a variety of charts
  • Visualization and detection of anomalies
  • Generating reports
  • Access to databases and statistics
  • Export reports to PDF and data to Excel
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